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Mets close to deal with Redding

Tim Redding is an adequate Major League pitcher, but that’s about it. His impending addition to the Mets’ rotation does little to comfort me.

Concerns still linger regarding Mike Pelfrey’s development and the added strain on his arm from a heavy workload a season ago.

John Maine is coming off an injury and is a one-trick pony on the mound.

Jon Niese is entirely unprove.

But worst of all, this almost certainly rules out either Derek Lowe or Oliver Perez, meaning the Amazin’s will only sign one of them. I may have been greedy in asking for both, but that would have added a ton of depth to the rotation.

I still think Lowe is their man, but that won’t come easy with agent Scott Boras playing hardball. I’d imagine Randy Wolf is a contingency plan in case Lowe and Perez both fall through.